Ethiopia Today!

Just a quick note to let everyone know my CUSO-VSO posting begins today! I head to Ethiopia tonight and will get there on the 16th. Long flights and longer wait at Heathrow. Oh well. My itinerary includes visiting the Bisrat Development and Aid Organization, Hiwot Ethiopia, WeSMECO and Dawn of Hope in Addis Ababa. Later in the month we go to Dessie (400 km from Addis) to the College of Teachers Education, to Woldia (120 km from Dessie), and to Alamata (130 km from Woldia. We’ll also go to the Maychew Technical College in the Tigray Region. Below is a shot we took at CUSO-VSO headquarters in Ottawa after our training session. At the time I didn’t know where I was going to be posted, hence the ? in my hands. Now I know and I’m pretty excited. Will post once I get there!

2 Responses to Ethiopia Today!

  1. Carole MacDonald

    So glad you finally made it! What a great adventure. Travel safe. Big hug, Cx

    • Anyone know how to sppourt a team participating in the Great Ethiopian Run? What is involved in sponsorship? Perhaps parent groups from different agencies could organize sponsorship? Just ideas just wondering

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