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Wineries, shops and nature in Jordan, Ontario

I was recently part of a Society of American Travel Writers, Canadian Chapter outing to Jordan, Ont. It was fantastic! 28 wineries, gorgeous peaches and tender fruit, lovely restaurants with home-grown produce and very friendly, welcoming residents. I highly recommend … Continue reading

Viamede Resort’s Upscale Cottage-y Experience

Viamede Resort, in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes district, is the place to be this hot summer. Check out my story in Culture Magazin… It was fun to go in spring, as well. Here are some shots…

Loyalist Summer Roadtrip

I am loving my province this summer. Hot, hot hot! I recently got back from a five day road trip that kicked off in Prince Edward County, meandered along the Empire Loyalist Parkway to Kingston and ended in Ottawa. I … Continue reading

Weirdness in Philly

Philadelphia has some of the most amazing and quirky museums. When I lived there, I had ample time to explore and I must say, the Mutter Museum, a medical museum of oddities, was one of my favorite. Old skulls, weird … Continue reading

Me, Ben and Philadelphia

At a recent event promoting Philadelphia, Ben Franklin let me in on a secret! Well, it was news to me. This summer, visitors can take advantage of a great overnight package deal which includes free hotel parking, free bike share … Continue reading

My Swaziland story in Our Canada magazine!

OurCanada Swazi STY


I love afternoon tea…I love beautiful teacups, dainty sandwiches, and an excuse to get dressed up in vintage-influenced dresses. Just came across this list of hotels around the world that do a good job on the tea front. I would … Continue reading

Fetish Priests, Mermaids and Evangelicals

Cindy, our cleaning woman, became a good friend while I was in Accra. She is 24 and her family is originally from Togo, but she was born in Ghana in the Volta Region. She gave me insight into Ghanaian culture, … Continue reading

AGBOGBLOSHIE: Hope in the slum

In the heart of Accra, there‚Äôs a landscape that belongs in a sci-fi movie. Agbogbloshie is a sprawling slum, famous for its eco-unfriendly recycling practices. Electronics are disassembled and melted down and lots of other toxic stuff goes up in … Continue reading

CELEBRATING THE DEAD: A major pastime in Ghana

In Ghana, when someone dies, they have a funeral and all the friends and relatives are invited. It is usually at least a 3-day affair. Sometimes it goes for one week and hundreds of people can be involved. Funerals are … Continue reading