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Weirdness in Philly

Philadelphia has some of the most amazing and quirky museums. When I lived there, I had ample time to explore and I must say, the Mutter Museum, a medical museum of oddities, was one of my favorite. Old skulls, weird … Continue reading

Me, Ben and Philadelphia

At a recent event promoting Philadelphia, Ben Franklin let me in on a secret! Well, it was news to me. This summer, visitors can take advantage of a great overnight package deal which includes free hotel parking, free bike share … Continue reading

My Swaziland story in Our Canada magazine!

OurCanada Swazi STY


I love afternoon tea…I love beautiful teacups, dainty sandwiches, and an excuse to get dressed up in vintage-influenced dresses. Just came across this list of hotels around the world that do a good job on the tea front. I would … Continue reading

Fetish Priests, Mermaids and Evangelicals

Cindy, our cleaning woman, became a good friend while I was in Accra. She is 24 and her family is originally from Togo, but she was born in Ghana in the Volta Region. She gave me insight into Ghanaian culture, … Continue reading

AGBOGBLOSHIE: Hope in the slum

In the heart of Accra, there’s a landscape that belongs in a sci-fi movie. Agbogbloshie is a sprawling slum, famous for its eco-unfriendly recycling practices. Electronics are disassembled and melted down and lots of other toxic stuff goes up in … Continue reading

CELEBRATING THE DEAD: A major pastime in Ghana

In Ghana, when someone dies, they have a funeral and all the friends and relatives are invited. It is usually at least a 3-day affair. Sometimes it goes for one week and hundreds of people can be involved. Funerals are … Continue reading

Visiting Pro-Link’s Kadjebi Office & ADRA Project in Volta Region

It was a long, long journey, completed in one day. And worth every minute of time spent travelling there. I joined Executive Director Trudi Nunoo recently to visit the Kadjedbi office in the Volta District, north of the town of … Continue reading

Gilligan’s Island Meets the Castaways

A five-hour drive west of sweaty, dusty, dirty Accra is a heavenly stretch of beach, tucked between Ghana’s most southerly points. I’d driven near this area on various work assignments but never had a chance to get out and really … Continue reading

Groceries, Laundry and Other Day-to-Day Coping Strategies

1) It is very physically challenging to hand wash laundry. Our washer is broken with no sign of repair to come…so I get out the bucket once a week and do my clothes by hand. Strenuous! 2) I never buy … Continue reading