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Newsletter Profile: UN Women in the Pacific

Prior to leaving for Vietnam, I did some e-volunteering for UN Women in the Pacific Islands. Here is a profile of me they recently featured in their newsletter…

Toronto's Lucy Izon shared a wealth of Twitter information in Sarasota.

Lucy Izon’s Twitter Tips

Lucy Izon, whose CanadaCool website is the coolest, is a Twitter goddess and a few of us at the SATW Canadian Chapter meeting in Sarasota were privileged to have her share some of her immense knowledge. Of course, we had … Continue reading

Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Heather Greenwood Davis, the award-winning blogger behind Globetrotting Mama gave the SATW Canadian Chapter members meeting in Sarasota many useful tips about utilizing social media. Heather traveled around the world with her husband and two children and became an online … Continue reading

Action Steps to Build Your Brand

At a recent SATW Canadian Chapter meeting in Sarasota, I attended a number of professional development seminars that were excellent and helpful for any self-employed person. Following are points gleaned from a presentation by Marjorie A. Floyd of Strategic Marketing … Continue reading

Maureen and Chelsey Smith, feeling a little patriotic at the debrief workshop.

Understanding the Process of Transition: The Crossroads Debriefing Workshop

Coming back from an overseas mandate is challenging. Experiencing the abundance of North American society, the waste, the seemingly petty concerns (TTC stalled, grocery store out of my brand of coffee) versus the hard reality of Swaziland (poverty, HIV/AIDS, rampant … Continue reading