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Smiling TradMan

The Things I Love and the Things that Drive Me Crazy in Swaziland

LOVE 1)    People’s names: Innocent, Sunshine, Lucky, Fortunate 2)    Warm greetings from people you don’t know. It is common, polite practice to say hello to everyone you meet on the street. Big smiles from strangers are also common. 3)    Mangos … Continue reading

Stalking in the Name of Culture

In light of my last posting, I thought this update on the Senate’s defense of so called “customs” that are harmful to women in Swaziland was very interesting…. UPDATE ON SEXUAL OFFENCES AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BILL Courtesy: The Centre for … Continue reading

Swazi women performers at the cultural village in Ezulweni.

Human Rights, Respect and Tradition in Swaziland

The words “traditional culture” come up again and again when I read the newspaper and speak with Swazi friends. Usually it’s a point of pride, but occasionally the phrase becomes a catch-all excuse for behaviour that doesn’t really jibe with … Continue reading

White Head Piece copy

Swazi Rural to Ramp Fashion Show

  Last weekend I attended the Mustard Seed Africa Rural to Ramp fashion show at House on Fire, a popular live music venue on the way to Malkerns. The event was a stunner, highlighting the creativity of handcraft producers in … Continue reading


International Day of the Girl Child Event a Success!

  After two months of planning, the Swaziland International Day of the Girl Child was a smash success! Three weeks of media were a great lead up to the actual day. Representatives from SWAGAA (including me) and various NGOs spoke … Continue reading

Royal maidens leading the regiments.

Dancing Maidens at Umhlanga

Ever since I got to Swaziland, people have been talking about Umhlanga. Gina, a German volunteer in our office was incredulous when I admitted not knowing what it was. “Have you been living under a rock? Umhlanga is Swaziland’s biggest … Continue reading

The Swazi News had the most captivating cover today.

All Tabloids Are Alike!

Every day I try and read the newspaper. There are two main papers, the Swazi Times and the Swaziland Observer. Plus there are others like the one pictured – Swazi News. They are all quite similar, but the Observer is … Continue reading

The area's most amazing church, carved out of sheer rock in 4th century AD.

Lalibela: Rock-Hewn Marvels

The next morning, we traveled 300 km on gravel back roads to get to Lalibela, the country’s best-known site for rock-hewn churches. Tamrat, our driver, managed to get us safely up and down a myriad of hair-raising switchback roads. Between … Continue reading


Addis Ababa is a diplomatic hub, swimming with white UN vehicles and trucks emblazoned with NGO emblems. The home of the Organization of African Unity and the headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa,  Addis is also one quirky … Continue reading

Ethiopia Today!

Just a quick note to let everyone know my CUSO-VSO posting begins today! I head to Ethiopia tonight and will get there on the 16th. Long flights and longer wait at Heathrow. Oh well. My itinerary includes visiting the Bisrat … Continue reading