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AGBOGBLOSHIE: Hope in the slum

In the heart of Accra, there’s a landscape that belongs in a sci-fi movie. Agbogbloshie is a sprawling slum, famous for its eco-unfriendly recycling practices. Electronics are disassembled and melted down and lots of other toxic stuff goes up in … Continue reading

CELEBRATING THE DEAD: A major pastime in Ghana

In Ghana, when someone dies, they have a funeral and all the friends and relatives are invited. It is usually at least a 3-day affair. Sometimes it goes for one week and hundreds of people can be involved. Funerals are … Continue reading

Visiting Pro-Link’s Kadjebi Office & ADRA Project in Volta Region

It was a long, long journey, completed in one day. And worth every minute of time spent travelling there. I joined Executive Director Trudi Nunoo recently to visit the Kadjedbi office in the Volta District, north of the town of … Continue reading

Wrapping up a Terrific 2015 at Pro-Link

On Dec. 18th Pro-Link had its big, end-of-year meeting with all field staff. People came in from all the regional offices: Aflao, Hohoe, Kadjebi, Obuasi, Amansie, Kumasi and Mankessim. Much of the day was spent watching presentations on each project’s … Continue reading

Gilligan’s Island Meets the Castaways

A five-hour drive west of sweaty, dusty, dirty Accra is a heavenly stretch of beach, tucked between Ghana’s most southerly points. I’d driven near this area on various work assignments but never had a chance to get out and really … Continue reading

World AIDS Day at Pro-Link

On Dec. 1st, Pro-Link commemorated World AIDS Day by inviting our Peer Educators in the Global Fund/ADRA HIV Prevention and the FHI 360 Linkages HIV Prevention projects. They work in some of the roughest areas of Accra, informing a key … Continue reading

Groceries, Laundry and Other Day-to-Day Coping Strategies

1) It is very physically challenging to hand wash laundry. Our washer is broken with no sign of repair to come…so I get out the bucket once a week and do my clothes by hand. Strenuous! 2) I never buy … Continue reading

Mashed Bananas, Dettol and Maternal Health

Last week I headed back out into the Western Region with the Pro-Link team for another Healthy Mother & Child training session with nurses from various district health facilities. We also delivered some of the IEC (Information, Education and Communication) … Continue reading

Ghana: Love and Not so Much

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT GHANA 1) Very friendly people. 2) Sweet pineapple and bananas. 3) Lizards…they are everywhere and eat the bugs. 4) Big fruit bats that come out at night. Very cool. 5) Beautiful ocean…get out of Accra and … Continue reading

Helping Moms and Babies in Western Ghana

Me, Trudi Nunoo, Pro-link Executive Director and health workers in Ekabeku. Hitting the road with the Pro-Link team the last week of October was a great way to experience first hand the Healthy Mother and Child project, a corporate social … Continue reading