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KOTO Restaurant in Hanoi Brings Hope to Homeless Kids

At KOTO Restaurant, disadvantaged youth get a fresh start at a new culinary career. Great food, great concept! Here’s my story on Innovate Development’s website.

The Strip: A Cool Nightlife Spot in My Hanoi ‘Hood

I wrote this story for The Word a month ago. The photos are fab. It’s all about the buzzing new strip on Quang An Road in West Lake, just up the road from where I live. Very cool to see … Continue reading

Markets in Hanoi

A recent story I wrote for the expatsandaliens website. Just browsing right now!

10 Odd Little Things About Hanoi

Two months already! Here are a few odd little things that come up in everyday life in Hanoi… 1) Shsssssh. No talking on the public bus. Didn’t realize this at first and was properly chastised by the ticket collector. 2) … Continue reading

Happy International Literacy Day!

Here’s a piece I wrote for Innovate Development on what is happening with Uniterra in Vietnam. Enjoy.

Overcoming my Hanoi Horrors

Link to my story on expatsandaliens about Hanoiying traffic!

SWOT/Recruitment Workshop

Last week my colleague Ashley Laracy and I gave a Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) workshop at Bac Thang Long college in Hanoi. We compared some of the findings another volunteer did in 2013 with the findings of my recent stakeholder interviews. For … Continue reading

My post on Hoa Sua Resturant for Innovate Development

A wonderful spot just around the corner from where I live. I wrote about it for the Innovate Develoment website. Check it out!

Hanoi: What I Love

I’ve been here a month now and have had a chance to experience some of the culture, meet new friends and try the delicious food. THINGS I LOVE 1) Fresh flowers! 2) Pop-up markets with fresh produce. There’s one at … Continue reading

Truc Bach, My New ‘Hood

I am slowly getting acclimatized to Hanoi (pop.6.5 million) and its unstoppable traffic. I’ve learned to keep walking slowly, listen to the honks and keep to the side of the road. Pedestrians are the lowest ones on the totem pole, … Continue reading