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Things I’ve noticed 1)    Swaziland roads are covered with speed bumps. They are everywhere, especially at intersections. 2)    There is roadside litter, but unlike in North America there a total absence of Styrofoam coffee cups since Swazis aren’t really into … Continue reading

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The Things I Love and the Things that Drive Me Crazy in Swaziland

LOVE 1)    People’s names: Innocent, Sunshine, Lucky, Fortunate 2)    Warm greetings from people you don’t know. It is common, polite practice to say hello to everyone you meet on the street. Big smiles from strangers are also common. 3)    Mangos … Continue reading

Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill in Swaziland

Swaziland passed the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill in 2009 but has not made it into law yet. Instead, laws that are over 100 years old govern sexual abuse charges….SWAGAA and other NGO and agency partners are advocating for … Continue reading

Mini Skirt March in Manzini, Dec. 7, 2012. Police said they could only march if they put on longer skirts, long shorts or pants.

The irony that is Swaziland

Before Christmas, there was a so-called “Mini-Skirt” march in Manzini to bring attention to the fact that women are harassed and even raped at the bus rank for wearing short skirts. Police said they could only march if they put … Continue reading

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Swazi Politics and Day-to-Day Life

“The maidens compose and rehearse song dismissing multiparty democracy as evil.” Wow, a headline like this is bound to pique curiosity. From what I can figure out, “maidens” are young, marriageable virgins … they take part in the Reed Dance … Continue reading