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Bushfire Blazes: Swaziland music festival puts nation on the map.

What an amazing, amazing outdoor festival last weekend. Bushfire, put on by the folks at House on Fire, drew around 20,000 people to sample Southern African music, delicious indigenous dishes, Fair Trade craft shopping and non-stop Swazi singing and dancing. … Continue reading

Nature design installation at  National Museum.

Innovative Swazi Design: Khulekani’s JeremPaul Exhibit

Walking into the JeremPaul Exhibit opening at the National Museum in Lobamba, the first thing I saw was a mat of fresh grass and an overturned tree trunk radiating hundreds of red-wool beams. Welcome to Khulekani Msweli ‘s world: Nature … Continue reading

Media Training in Mambane, Swaziland

This week’s highlight was a media training session I facilitated along with MISA Swaziland (Media Institute of Southern Africa) and EU Cospe (an Italian NGO that works on numerous programs with SWAGAA. Six journalists came tot he MISA office in … Continue reading

GOOD NEWS!! Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Bill passed by Senate!

Here’s my statement on behalf of SWAGAA for the press…it was picked up by the Times of Swaziland this week… The Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse is extremely thankful the house of Senate passed the Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence … Continue reading

Ezulweni Mornings

Last week I was attending a conference on building capacity and drafting a strategic plan for the MenEngage Network. It’s part of a larger alliance that covers most of the Southern African countries. The 4-day workshop was a resounding success. … Continue reading

Lobamba Village Tour

People who are only visiting Swaziland for a short time can get a feeling for the true life of Swazis by taking a village tour. Yes, the first impression of Swaziland is smooth paved highways, shopping malls filled with trendy, … Continue reading


Things I’ve noticed 1)    Swaziland roads are covered with speed bumps. They are everywhere, especially at intersections. 2)    There is roadside litter, but unlike in North America there a total absence of Styrofoam coffee cups since Swazis aren’t really into … Continue reading


Here in Swaziland, there is often a blurring of the lines between magic, witchcraft and Christianity. Here are some odd things I’ve seen in the newspaper lately… A talking calabash, which reporters from the Swazi News went to take pictures … Continue reading

Swazi NGO Meeting Culture – It’s about the food!

I’ve been attending quite a few NGO campaign launches, workshops and stakeholders’ meetings since I came to Swaziland and have noticed that things are run a little differently than in Canada. Food is very important and helps draw attendees (humm, … Continue reading

Smiling TradMan

The Things I Love and the Things that Drive Me Crazy in Swaziland

LOVE 1)    People’s names: Innocent, Sunshine, Lucky, Fortunate 2)    Warm greetings from people you don’t know. It is common, polite practice to say hello to everyone you meet on the street. Big smiles from strangers are also common. 3)    Mangos … Continue reading