Ghana: Love and Not so Much


1) Very friendly people.
2) Sweet pineapple and bananas.
3) Lizards…they are everywhere and eat the bugs.
4) Big fruit bats that come out at night. Very cool.
5) Beautiful ocean…get out of Accra and it’s stunning.
6) “You are welcome,” the way Ghanaians say “hello.”
7) “You are invited,” what Ghanaians say when they sit down with you to eat.
8) Cheap beer…my brand is Club. A pint costs around 5 cedis ($1.75 Cnd)
9) Rock buns…they sell then from bicycle vendors on the streets. Like scones.
10) Beautiful fabrics.
11) Fresh coconuts…vendors sell them everywhere. Chop chop and you have fresh coconut juice!
12) Cocoa powder, great for mocha coffee. Made here. Cocoa is a huge export.

1) Power outages…almost daily.
2) Lack of wi-fi. Cafes advertise they have, but then they don’t.
3) Open sewers – aka open air urinals. No shyness among the men here!
4) Dirty public beaches, especially in Accra. You have to pay for clean. At Bojo beach, outside Accra, the entrance fee is $5 (15 cedis) and is worth every penny.
5) Plastic trash. Everyone drinks water from these little plastic bags. There are no garbage receptacles.
6) Taxis with no set fees. You have to haggle before you get in.
7) Traffic. Makes Toronto gridlock look like a walk in the park.
8) Diesel fumes. Choking.
9) Two distinct standards of life. Mud and stick houses vs. mega mansions.
10) No street lights. It gets dark at 6 pm. Very dark. Impossible to see potholes and sewers.
11) Expensive imported food, especially cheese. I am weaning myself off.
12) Packed trotros when you are sitting at the back and have to get out. Excuse me, excuse me.
Clean Bojo Beach

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