GERMS! Tips to Avoid Getting Sick While Travelling

From The Costoco Connection
Public Bathrooms
Studies show that the toilet seat is often the cleanest surface in the washroom. Primary offender is the floor, along with the tops and sides of stall doors. Jet dryers are bigger germ spreaders than paper towels, spraying some viruses almost 10 feet.
Advice: Avoid setting bags on the floor where they can pick up germs and transfer them to other surfaces, use the door latch to open and close stall doors and wipe your hands with paper towels (when available) instead of using the jet dryer.

Tray tables are a germaphobe’s nightmare since they often don’t get cleaned between flights. Other passengers coughing and sneezing next you, within 6 feet, their droplets will have an impact.
Advice: Carry your own hand sanitizer to use in the lavatory as well as disinfecting wipes for the tray table. To protect yourself from other passengers, wear a scarf and bury your nose in it for 30 seconds when you hear nearby passengers sneezing.

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