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Aeroplan Deadline 2020

Just got this press release and wanted to share it.
Air Canada announced today that they intend to launch an in‑house Frequent Flyer program. I wanted to personally provide some additional information.

First and foremost, through June 2020, Air Canada and Aeroplan are committed to business as usual. You can continue to earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles for Aeroplan flight rewards, including flights with Air Canada and Star Alliance member airlines — just as you do today.

In addition to the miles you earn on Air Canada eligible flights, you will continue to collect miles from our network of over 75 world‑class partners, representing more than 150 partner brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors.

With more than 5 million members, Aeroplan is Canada’s premier coalition loyalty program, and there is strength in our numbers. Last year, Aeroplan members redeemed for 1.9 million flight rewards, enough to fill 11 Boeing 777s (the biggest plane in Air Canada’s fleet) every single day of the year.

We know how much you care about this program, and we’re working to secure great new redemption options for you after June 2020.

We are committed to providing the best value for our members. We’ll post the most up‑to‑date information and FAQ’s on aeroplan.com.

And finally, I’d like to thank you for your continued passion for the Aeroplan program.