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Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

I don’t know about you, but I have a tough time finding sunglasses I like. Either they don’t fit properly or don’t work with my shape of my face. When I do find a pair, they usually are way out of my price range. I’m also rather unhappy with a chain that will go unnamed because when I spent $200 on a pair of RayBans that fell apart, the retailer wouldn’t lift a finger to help. I had to go the factory myself for a fix that I paid for. So I was delighted when I discovered SmartBuyGlasses.ca which is an online site with hundreds of sunglasses and even prescription glasses and sunglasses. No driving, parking and fighting with surly clerks. The pair I chose were Fendi Color Block. After ordering, they arrived within a week. They came with a authenticity certification card and were packed securely in a cardboard box. According to the box, I get 10% off my next purchase.SunglassesBox
These glasses are a great fit, don’t slide off my nose and are a little more fashionable than the sports style I usually wear.
If you are a picky shopper, or just want to browse and see what’s out there, check out SmartBuyGlasses.ca. I am considering them for my next prescription buy.MoBird