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Ezulweni Mornings

Execution Rock, where in the 1880s Swazis would march criminals and make them jump off. None survived.

Last week I was attending a conference on building capacity and drafting a strategic plan for the MenEngage Network. It’s part of a larger alliance that covers most of the Southern African countries.

The 4-day workshop was a resounding success. Attendees shared strengths and weaknesses and most came away having fully committed to the idea of helping to shift the patriarchal attitude in Swaziland.


 It was an honour to be there. In the mornings, before the conference, I went for an hour walk to get the juices flowing. The location of the conference was at Happy Valley Casino, situated in Ezulweni. This is a very affluent part of Swaziland, were expats and wealthy Swazis have built opulent homes.

Here are some shots from my early morning rambles…

Happy Valley Casino, where, ironically, many NGO meetings are held in Swaziland.

Gorgeous mist when hot weather meets cold.

Monkey jinks!

Even Kuwait likes Ezulweni!

Lovely in the mist…

Peacocks rule in Ezulweni!