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Lucy Izon’s Twitter Tips

Toronto's Lucy Izon shared a wealth of Twitter information in Sarasota.

Toronto’s Lucy Izon shared a wealth of Twitter information in Sarasota.

Lucy Izon, whose CanadaCool website is the coolest, is a Twitter goddess and a few of us at the SATW Canadian Chapter meeting in Sarasota were privileged to have her share some of her immense knowledge. Of course, we had to get up at the crack of dawn to fit the sessions into our busy schedule, but it was well worth it!
Here’s a bit of the info I gleaned…
Favorite features:
• Lists
• Settings for sending to FB, embedding code for WP. Public tweets is the default setting making your tweets visible to all. Protected tweets go only to your approved twitter followers.
• DM
• Bit.ly
Twitter Terms
# Hashtags – is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It categorizes messages
@ is used to call out user names in tweets. When a username is preceded by @ it becomes a link to a twitter profile. It’s also used in replies and mentions.
DM (or direct message) – scroll down under the little man symbol and you’ll see “message.” This message is private between sender and recipient. You can only DM someone who follows you.
Discover – tab to find top tweets, activity, find friends etc.
Favorite – when you favorite a tweet, or click yellow star next to the message. Mostly for your own files and to let the tweeter know you liked it.
FF – #FF stands for Follow Friday – suggestions of who you should follow on Fridays..Hummm.
Home – a real-time list of tweets from those you follow. It appears on your twitter home page.
Listed – To be included in another twitter user’s list. Listed numbers and details appear in the stats section of your profile.
Lists – Curated groups of other twitter users used to tie specific people into a group on your twitter account.
MT – modified tweet, placed before the retweeted text when users manually retweet a message with modifications.
Promoted Tweets – tweets that businesses pay to promote at the top of search results on twitter.
Retweet – to forward another user’s tweet to all of your followers. Certain tweets can’t be retweeted
RT – abbreviation of retweet, placed before retweeted text when users manually retweet a message.
Screenshot – image captured on your computer or phone displaying your screen’s output.
Timeline – real-time list of tweets on twitter.
Trends – a subject algorithmically determined to be one of the most popular on twitter at the moment.
URL – Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is a web address that points to a unique page on the Internet.
URL Shortener – Used to turn long URLs into shorter ones. Twitter has one, plus there are others online.
Username – Twitter handle, unique and contains less than 15 characters. Identifies you for replies and mentions.
Verification – Where a user’s account is stamped to show that a legitimate source is authoring the account’s tweets.
• Make tweets personal (coming from a person not a PR robot)
• Monitor what others are doing as you develop your strategy
• Look at the followers of the people you are following
• Desktop Working Sheet
• Leave free space so others can RT you easily
• Post helpful tweets and links
• Make followers smile (animals stories are good for this)
• Google News Alerts can help fill demand for constant quality content
• Gauge when to tweet – depending on geography of followers
• You will hit a wall at 2,000 (remove people who haven’t followed back)
• Follow Friday #FF
• When starting a message with @namehere, if you put a period in front of the @, all your followers can see the message. Without the period, only the person named will see it.
1. Click the blue Compose New Tweet button
2. Click or tap on the camera icon.
3. Select the image file you want to upload. If you’re tweeting with a smartphone, you will also have the option to take a photo.
4. Once a photo is selected, you will see a thumbnail image (or file name) appear as an attachment. Your tweet’s character count will update to include the pic.twitter.com URL for your photo.
5. Type your message and select Tweet to post message and photo.

Thanks Lucy ! You are the coolest!