Innovative Swazi Design: Khulekani’s JeremPaul Exhibit

Nature design installation at National Museum.

Walking into the JeremPaul Exhibit opening at the National Museum in Lobamba, the first thing I saw was a mat of fresh grass and an overturned tree trunk radiating hundreds of red-wool beams. Welcome to Khulekani Msweli ‘s world: Nature meets fashion meets fantastical thinking. One of Swaziland’s most innovative designers, Khulekani specializes in clothing and furniture. My favorite items at the show were a hand-painted gown with puffy, Elizabethan sleeves, a lamp festooned with porcupine quills, and sky-high platform shoes with carved wooden bases and colourful impala-skin straps.

JeremPaul Designs is Msweli’s brand and it includes everything from brides’ gowns to beeswax candles to whimsical carved furniture. “I pride myself in creating one-of-a-kind pieces and I can assure my clientele that I will continue giving them the best quality possible,” he told the assembled guests at the opening. Msweli’s fans also learned they can purchase his designs  at the JeremPaul boutique at the newly opened Yebo Art Centre in Ezelwini.
I loved this talented young Swazi’s gorgeous, creative, spirited fashion. Congratulations Khulekani!

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