Kokrobrite Beach


Chillin' with Dizzy Lizzy.

Chillin’ with Dizzy Lizzy.

Go a little west of dirty, dusty Accra and you’ll find a tropical paradise…Kokrobrite Beach. You have to brave bad roads near the end, but it’s worth it. A little reggae, rustic getaway, KB is dotted with unpretentious overnight places and spots to get a grilled dinner of locally caught fish.
We stayed at Kokrobrite Gardens, off the beach, but with a small pool and wonderful food. The owners, Kaya and Franco are Spanish and Italian, and the food, while not cheap, is wonderfully prepared. We had the bruchetta every day!HammockChairKG
On weekends, there is is non-stop music, mostly at a funky place called Big Millie’s, which also offers accommodation, food and a beach-view beverage area.BigMillies
A wonderful place to chill.
We also had the pleasure to meet Dizzy Lizzy, a Welsh woman who owns Dizzy Lizzy’s restaurant and bar. She’s gradually turning it into an overnight spot as well. Her real name is Lindsay Williams, but she told us the locals call her Lizzy, hence her new nickname.Lizzie'sbarLizziesBarFoodStand
A wonderful way to start the New Year!

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