Bluffer’s Park, a Scarborough Oasis

Bluffs2 copy
Leafy trails, quiet cycling paths, sandy beach and awesome swimming might not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Scarborough. For me, the easterly borough conjures strip malls and busy, multi-lane thoroughfares.BluffBeachSign copy That’s why I was delighted to discover Bluffer’s Park. BluffBeachView copyBluffBeach copyThe beach was large and sandy…and groomed! Lifeguards kept a close watch on swimmers. BluffTrailRidgie copyCalm dogs on leashes combed the trails.BluffMarinaLeafview copyA restaurant and pub at Bluffer’s Park Marina!BluffHouseboats copyLovely houseboats nestled in the moorings around the marina.
Who knew? Certainly not me, a west-end girl.

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