Classic Cars on the Queensway

Blue1940sFord On the Queensway, in Toronto, Saturday night is for cruising…classic cars, that is. In the Canadian Tire parking lot near Sherway Gardens, the hot rods, rat rods, and vintage vehicles of all types start rolling in around five p.m. Owners buy a parking spot for $15 and the proceeds go to Darling House for Kids, a palliative care center for children. For spectators like myself, it’s free. Want to know a little bit more about the cars? The owners usually set up in folding chairs nearby. Some even sit in their vehicles. Others have print outs propped in the windshield outling the car’s provenance. I got there and started roaming around at 5:30 p.m. Just in time for magic hour to take a few shots. Love these cars!! Runs mid-May to early October.HerbieLoveBug1968Herbie the Love Bug!PinkCamero19681968 CamaroGMCTruck19491949 GMC truckGreenBuick19321932 BuickCorvair19661966 CorvairChevyNomadFire&Smoke19581958 Chevy NomadGreenFordGalxay19671967 Ford GalaxyBlack1950sLincoln1950s LincolnBarraccuda19671967 BarracudaGeneralLee1969Charger1969 General Lee ChargerBLueChevi19491949 ChevyOldRedChevy19301930 Chevy1923DurantStar1923 Durant StarMotoMysteryBikeMystery motorbike. I can just see Batman flying around on this rig.

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